Main web design rules

What a good web design should be like? What are the rules to follow? Answers are down here.

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Everything is very simple. A good web design is when the site does not cause problems. If the site doesn't help you to find the necessary information, or purpose of the site is not clear, and the appearance is annoying, you can say for sure, this website has got a bad web design.

Design ain't art

The task of art is not to provide answers, its task is rather opposite - to gain questions. In contrast to the art design is created for the answers. The main questions that the visitor must get answers for are:

  1. Why you need a website;
  2. How to use the site.

Main in web design

Each site is doing something:

  • search engines help in searching;
  • stores sell;
  • social networks unite people.

Design is a link between a set of functions and visitor. The main design challenge is to apply these functions as simple as possible and accessible. Visitor should not have any sense of confusion and complexity of management. If everything is at hand on website, this is a good web design.

Design and beauty

A well-organized site is beautiful without additional appliances. Good web design is the one that helps people find answeres easily.

The design and the word

The main way to convey the information to the visitor is write about it. This is just like that. Remember, there can be a good design with a bad text. A good text should be concise, structured and error free.

Design and stereotypes

Do not be afraid of stereotypes. Stereotype is a framework that makes it possible to push off and take a step forward. In other words, the stereotype is a brick, with which you can build anything.

Stereotypes and design trends are different. For example, behavioral is when the visitor knows that the underlined text is a hyperlink, if you click on it, it will open a new tab or page.

Design and banality

Be careful with banality! Routine is the enemy of good web design! Remove all the smiley pictures you got on photobanks.

Design and people

Remember, designer is not a hooker, and customer is not a patron.

In other words, designer does not have to perform all the customer's "wishlist". The task of the designer is to understand the essence of the problem and solve it, rather than to fulfill the whims of the boss.

On the other hand the customer is not obliged to pay for designers self-probes and help him/her to search for the meaning of life. It is because "the task of the designer is to understand the essence of the problem and solve it."

If designer can not explain "what this design element is for?", it is necessary to fire the designer. Let him be the artist. Artists only are allowed to explain their work with "it's the way I see".

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