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The reason why we decided to share a list of web analytics tools is that search engines services aren't enough and we need some more.

90 web analytics services


Web analytics is a rare sphere when all the Internet experts are demonstrating unanimity. Yes, it is definitely necessary, and the more diverse the data you collect, the better it is. That's not an object to arguing. But it may seem irresponsible to rely on Google Analytics data only. That is why we decided to share a list of web analytics tools  recommended by worldwide experts in web marketing.

Search engines tools

Those are mandatory tools for any web marketing specialist. Web analytics software is provided by Google and Yandex.

1. Google Analytics
2. Google PageSpeed Insights
3. Google Webmaster Tools
4. Google Website Optimizer
5. Yandex.Webvisor
6. Yandex.Webmaster
7. Yandex.Metrika

Site analysis online sofware

This section contains services, carrying out checks of websites indexing in different search engines as well as link mass analyzing and technical optimization evaluating.

1. Netpeak Checker
2. Ahrefs.com
3. CS Yazzle
4. Linkpad
5. MajesticSEO
6. Open Site Explorer
7. PageWeight
8. Robots-checker
9. Screaming Frog
10. SEO Power Suit
11. Site-Auditor
12. UptimeRobot
13. Xenu
14. XML Sitemaps

Rival Websites Analysis

Research is needed not only to improve its own website, but also to monitor competitors' resources. These services will help you to identify your competitors adwords and how much it is worth.

1. SEMrush
2. SimilarWeb
3. SpyWords
4. Advodka (Russian version supported only)
5. Advse (Russian version supported only)
6. Prodvigator

SERP positions monitoring

Another important point is to check SERP positions. Following services allow to monitor site positions in the SERP and provide additional information (for example, the query frequency, the relevant page, and so on.).

1. TopVisor.com
2. AllPositions
3. Leader-system
4. Rankinity
5. Semonitor
6. SEOBrain
7. SeoBudget
8. SEOlib
9. SeoRate
10. SERP Parser
11. Site-control
12. SitePosition
13. Top-Inspector
14. PR-CY

Analytics for social networks

Another important point that is often overlooked is the social media analytics. These services help to determine not only who and what someone is doing on the page, but what they say about you and your brand in social networks.

1. Allsocial
2. Buffer
3. Facebook Insights
4. HootSuite
5. IQBuzz
6. JagaJam
7. LikeAlyzer
8. Popsters
9. SemanticForce
10. Twitalyzer
11. Twitter Analytics
12. Wobot
13. YouScan
14. YouTube Analytics
15. Kribrum

Web analytics

Finally, web traffic analytics tools you came here for. Here are the most popular tools that can be used for detailed information collecting and visualizing with aims of diagrams, graphs and charts.

1. 4Q by iPerceptions
2. Adblock Analytics
3. AT Internet: Web Analytics
4. AWStats
5. Chartbeat
6. Church Analytics
7. ClickTale
8. Clicky
9. CloudFlare
10. Compete
11. Coremetrics
12. Crazy Egg
13. eTracker
14. FireStats
15. FoxMetrics
16. Gauges
17. Goingup
18. GoSquared
19. Grape Web Statistics
20. Histats
21. Inspectlet
22. MixPanel
23. Mouseflow
24. Moz Analytics
25. Optimizely
26. Piwik
27. RJMetrics.com
28. SERanking
29. Site Meter
30. SiteCatalyst
31. StatCounter
32. Webalizer
33. Webtrends Analytics
34. Woopra

Of course, we could not take all the tools into account. Recently we heavily wrote on Usability Analysis Tools, that may facilitate every webmaster's work.  And we really hope that reader finds something new and useful in this collection.

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