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  • Top-3 of Google SERP covers 59% of clicks


    The first three positions of the Google results account for 59% of clicks

  • Best SEO Agency in UK


    How to find a appropriate SEO agency in London and rest part of the United Kingdom? Here you will know.

  • AMP New Features


    Google has improved AMP functionality. Their interface allows now to add a sidebar, dynamic CSS elements, social plugins, etc.. Also the format of the page can be issued in the form of...

  • Web Design Trends in 2016


    Extensive use of templates makes less efficient structure, and web sites based on them are forced to look for ways to achieve identity. I propose to consider a few trends that can be expected in...

  • Main web design rules


    Everything is very simple. A good web design is when the site does not cause problems. If the site doesn't help you to find the necessary information, or purpose of the site is not clear,...

  • SEO copywriting


    This is how a typical SEO copywriting task looks like: "Please write the text on building materials in amount of 200-300 words, using the keywords: building sand, sand pit, buy. The text...

  • Web analytics tools


    Web analytics is a rare sphere when all the Internet experts are demonstrating unanimity. Yes, it is definitely necessary, and the more diverse the data you collect, the better it is. That's...

  • Ecommerce design trends


    Difficulties in economy involve website owners to conversion estimation and its increasing. The increase in popularity of all kinds of A / B-test revealed common patterns that influence the...

  • Easy-to-use Design Tools


    When you need to choose an organic color scheme or to make a website, or to draw infographic or to impose a magazine, it doesn't seem tough because even non-designer easily manages online...

  • Usability analysis tools


    Web usability testing is a significant contribution to on-site selling improving. In order to identify possible problems and their solutions, there are a variety of services. Let's talk...

  • 60 websites every designer should know


    We all know this feeling of little inspiration or lack of advice. And here comes 60 useful websites for the designers and web developers. Most resources are in English, few in different language...

  • How to create robots.txt


    Incorrectly created robots.txt, not taking into account all the details of the site, could harm its presence in search engines.

    In 2011 one of the largest EU mobile operator discovered...

  • User behavior as Google ranking factor


    The debate about whether Google takes into account the behavioral metrics as a ranking signal lasts at least since 2011. The issue is not the most difficult but what's the problem?


  • Hello, World!


    Hello, World!

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