$449 E-commerce

It's very easy to make an e-commerce website in our company, just fill the feedback form and we'll contact you!

Powerful Sales Tool

E-commerce is a powerful sales tool. With means of it you can expand your target audience, your product can be presented in any city or even a country.

It's not a secret that the e-commerce availability frees you from paying the rent for a real shop or office.

The creation of e-commerce website is a complex process. However, we can spare you from the subtleties of the website development and the complex interface: the user part of the website is convenient and easy.

E-commerce development includes

  • Catalogue (we fill out up to 15 goods, then the customer fills in an unlimited number of products or services)
  • Shop cart, order form, assessment and comments, the database driven feedback forms.
  • The systems of online payment (Pal, WebMoney, Visa, Mastercard and others)
  • Development of a unique design layout
  • Website content operating based on client's data
  • Technical support free of charge for a whole year.
  • Hosting and domain names - free of charge.
  • Content Management System (CMS).