We supply strategic communications, public relations, and crisis management basically in Australia and the USA. We strive for customers and work as good as humans only can.

PR — it's when we turn stories into legends

Reputation affects revenue. People choose what they knows, what they had heard about, who they trusts. In these terms emotions driven up by good story come to the fore.

We organize the process of public relations building and advertising. Competent work of the agency allows you to optimize the advertising budget of the customer (eliminate inefficient spending) and achieve if not similar, then quite acceptable effect with completely different tools and incomparably lower costs.

Strong communications and relationships

We work with the fastest growing audience, the Internet. Web promotion creates a powerful competition for old-timers advertising medium: TV, radio, or papers. PR-technologies on the web have an impressive warfare, which is a great onfluencer on opinions.

We solve the problems of creating and implementing the image of your product or idea in the environment. The goal is to create emotional link between the object and society.